Going against the wind.

Justin McCurry wrote a great piece (in Yesterday’s Guardian, page 23) about how a Fukushima art gallery has grown organically in the radioactive wasteland of the previous nuclear power plant disaster.

He tells us how, when most folk panicked and just ran, a few wiser ones stopped for a beat to see which way the wind was blowing. Then went the opposite way. Avoiding the fallout.

The answer my friends was blowing in the wind and it is a great tip should you ever find yourself in such an awful predicament.

The gallery was set up and word spread without fanfare.

Just word of mouth from curious folk who had ventured,again against the grain, and discovered inspiring grass route art.

It got me thinking again of the importance of starting something cultural to counter big negative geopolitical issues.

On my thinkabout this morning I spotted this beachcomber and captured the above shot.

The person was looking for treasure on the banks of the Thames.

A stones throw from parliament.

Maybe finding driftwood which could be whittled into a piece of art and left to raise awareness for passing MPs as they hit the park for a pie or a stroll.

By beach combing whilst most were commuting this person was no doubt enjoying themselves. 

And judging by their still hair do, able to avoid the gales too.

By seeking shelter from the storm on a beautiful beach in the heart of the great city that is London Town.

So be wise and brave.

What stormy situation could you use your creativity to improve?

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