Sweetning the art cuts.

With all the cuts in the arts, it makes you so thankful that great people like Sir Henry Tate gave some of his hard earned profits back to the people with free culture.

Turning power stations into cultural monuments.

In a time when Governments are cutting the art budgets, we need brands to step in a fill in these cultural voids, more than ever.

Culture allows us all to switch off and enjoy our down time.

And brands that support that are liked more than those that don’t.

So if you run one or work with one maybe try and combine the CSR, R&D budgets with a bit of the marketing one to create something that leaves a legacy by giving back and sharing the cultural love.

Every time I put a sugar in my tea, I like to think the sweetness will resurface in a gallery or museum where the arts have been funded and kept alive.

Thanks Sir Henry Tate for your generosity.

Long may you keep us all culturally sweet with your exceptionally generous legacy.

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