Questions to help you get better, quicker.

How can you resolve what’s keeping you up at night, today?

Can you now afford to do it for love, not money?

How can you create your own luck?

Have you booked ALL your annual holiday entitlement, in February?

Have you met an Independent Financial Advisor, way before you need to?

Have you thanked all the people who made you, you?

Do you work somewhere different, to help you think different?

Is your company investing in future you?

Have you checked to see if it’s been done before?

Where do you really, really, really want to work?

Have you asked your boss to let you work how you work best?

When did you last wander off to switch back on?

What should you stop, so you can start?

Have you found the courage to meet your greats?

Could you make what makes you live what you do for a living?

Are you building a network by giving, not bragging?

Have you asked for a pay rise?

Have you discovered how much you save by focussing on needs not wants?

Who’s having fun out there?

Can you join them?


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